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The Stolen Moans - Pre-gig Selfie/Groupie

“The female fronted Stolen Moans howl with haunting vocals and punk rock influences. Hearing this kind of music could be cathartic — a way to head bang out any screams you’ve been holding back lately”

The Argonaut

One voice, one guitar and one drum set. The Stolen Moans are a female fronted, D.I.Y., hard hitting, Rock & Roll Trio.

Hailing from Los Angeles, the group draws daily inspiration from the myriad of local influences they grew up with … Punk, Country, Metal, to Classical, Hip Hop and beyond … It’s all in there and naturally comes back out sounding, a little bit different!

The Stolen Moans mission is simple - “do more ( LOTS MORE ) with less”. 2019 has been a woodshed year for the band. Week in, week out, ideas were chopped, charged and changed till a killer collection of songs were written and recorded. An album release is planned for early 2020. In the meantime, a surprise pre - Xmas treat has arrived … a raucous but tasteful cover of Billie Eilish’s BAD GUY, available Dec, on Friday the 13th ( of course ).


Witness the Catapocalypse!

The Stolen Moans debut track The King of Claws

The King of Claws


The Stolen Moans

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The Stolen Moans - The King of Claws

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