The Stolen Moans - Pre-gig Selfie/Groupie

“The female fronted Stolen Moans howl with haunting vocals and punk rock influences. Hearing this kind of music could be cathartic — a way to head bang out any screams you’ve been holding back lately”

The Argonaut

One voice, one guitar and one drum set. The Stolen Moans are a female fronted, D.I.Y., hard hitting, Rock & Roll trio.

Hailing from Los Angeles, the group draws deep inspiration from the myriad of local musical influences they grew up with. Punk, classical, hip hop, it’s all in there and of course comes out sounding… a little bit different.

 The bands mission, “doing more with less” is squarely focussed on memorable songwriting and fun theatrical performances. Currently writing and recording an albums worth of songs, the Stolen Moans debut single “The King of Claws” is now available at all digital outlets.


Witness the Catapocalypse!

The Stolen Moans debut track The King of Claws

The King of Claws


The Stolen Moans

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The Stolen Moans - The King of Claws

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